Episode 3: Josh Crossney “The Green Rush – Picks and Shovels”

by jilleien

A little more about our guest

As legalization sweeps across the country, so does new industry. It has been compared to the gold rush and has even taken on the name “Green Rush”. You can mine the gold or sell the supplies to the miners. Josh decided to sell “picks and shovels” in the cannabis industry by starting the  Cannabis Science Conference. Josh combined his experience in the science industry with a need in the cannabis industry and thus was born the Cannabis Science Conference- now the world’s largest science and cannabis event. 

While Josh has always been a friend of the plant, it was after a car accident that he began to understand the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Josh has used cannabis to help with the injuries from the accident, including PTSD.

Josh is also the President & Founder of jCanna, Inc., (www.jCanna.com) a 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of cannabis science, analytical testing, and personalized (precision) medicine. He also sits on the advisory board of California-based CannaKids, as he is especially passionate about helping pediatric cannabis patients suffering from debilitating illnesses. Josh serves as editor and columnist for Cannabis Science & Technology magazine.

Josh has been featured for his work in the cannabis industry on major media outlets such as Forbes, Huffington Post, CTV News, and many others.

Thank you, Josh, for your dedication to the science.


Thoughts after the show

I have had the privilege of emceeing at the last two Cannabis Science Conferences. Both times, I was blown away by the individuals who are working so hard to legitimize cannabis as a medicine. Sometimes as friends of the plant, as Josh describes it, we can feel isolated in our friendship. We have had to hide for so long, we are unaware of the magic happening around us.

There is an army of scientists working hard to ensure that the medicine we are taking is safe, tested, and studied.

There are doctors that are speaking up about the miracles they have seen while using cannabis as a medicine, whether it’s the only medicine used or alongside modern medical treatments. 

There are farmers and growers who are combining old school and new school methods to create better medicine. 

While there is so much work to do, I am grateful for the moment of time we are in.

During the show, I mention a few statements I would like to discuss further and add some supporting evidence.


  1. The US seeks to annihilate cancer where other countries seek a quality of life when diagnosed with cancer.
  2. The disparity in cannabis and color in sports
  3. Pain med shots before games


Point 1

The article below lays out both sides of the argument nicely. In the US, a missed cancer diagnosis is a common lawsuit. This has lead to a huge incentive for doctors to over test for cancer.   While we are blessed with such advanced technologies that allow us to fight extremely complicated cancers, it has also lead to over-treatment and aggressive treatments that are not necessary. Check out the article and let me know what your thoughts are.  


Points 2 and 3

The comments I made were based on a sports panel at the Cannabis Science Conference in Portland. The panel consisted of players from the NFL, NBA, NJL, US Rugby teams. Each player shared their experience in the league and shared the policies. I have searched and found some supporting articles.   






Come geek out with me in April at the Cannabis Science Conference in Baltimore. Use the code MJ25 to get 25% off tickets!

You can check out all the details about the conference at:  https://www.cannabisscienceconference.com/


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