Episode 7 – Molly Lauryssens – “Everyone is a writer.”

by jilleien

A little more about our guest

Most don’t have a choice but to spill their guts when they sit down with Molly. Somehow she makes you feel like she’s your closest friend, your mom, your grandma. You feel safe and loved.

Over the course of the last 2 years, Molly has written over 150 stories about the Cannabis and Real Estate communities.  Week after week she shares her love and passion for the human race.

Molly is an award-winning reporter, writing coach, editor, content creator, Grandmother, Wife, and friend.

You catch more of Molly at an upcoming Medicate and Create.

Thoughts after the show

Normally I jot down my outline for this article right after the show. For whatever reasons this time I didn’t. Week after week, write Molly blog appeared on my to-do list. I was experiencing full-blown writer’s blog. I had all but abandoned writing one when I went and grabbed a drink with a friend. Our conversation led to me talking about the most important piece I had ever written…my eulogy.

I share this story from my perspective on how joy and dreaming big left my life.

Perhaps some of you can relate; having grown up in survival mode, dreaming big was a skill I didn’t develop. I’m not talking about daydreaming, which I spent most of my life doing. Daydreaming is a passive dream. It is a dream that rescues you from that current moment. Daydreams do not lead to dreams achieved. This was my daydream until I was 33:

A knight in shining armor would one day pick me up in a sports car while I was wearing a perfectly body-hugging dress.

That was it…the only thing I ever hoped for. Looking at that dream now, it looks pretty much like the ending of Pretty Woman or any of the other romcoms I watched.

What was missing from this dream, was what happened after I was saved from the life I was in.

In January of 2015, I sat down and wrote my eulogy.  Before you think to yourself “what the fuck,” let me explain.

My coach told me the idea behind the exercise is to “start with the end in mind.” Many people have stated how the regret of a life not lived is the most soul-wrenching pain as you leave this earth. Since I had never dreamed of anything more in my life than not being fat and poor, I had no idea what I was even capable of.  This exercise was designed to take you took a place where you can see your life and how big it can be.

I promise you I only sound enthusiastic about it now. When I was invited to do the exercise, I had a much different attitude. Sitting at almost 300 pounds, I feared that my eulogy was going to be read in the next decade. Which made this very real.

I had to push very hard through the thought to only write down things I might accomplish in the next 10 years. It took some time before I felt comfortable saying this, “what if I lived 50 more years? What would I do?”

What flowed out was every one of my heart’s desires. As I went back and read it I was scared, ashamed, and every other emotion. Who was I to think I could do this? I wanted to immediately rip it up and never go back to my coach again. But I did go back to him and I read it out loud.

I cried the entire time thinking I would be met with “those sound nice, but let’s be a little more realistic.” Instead, I was challenged to start living out some of those statements immediately. Three months later, Simple Sacrifice was started.

To this day – my eulogy is the single most important piece I have ever written.

Interested in learning more about the exercise? Drop me an email. Jill@themaryjanemagazine.com

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