Episode 6: Phil Ash – “Problem Solving and Recycling”

by jilleien

Thoughts after the show

“So much of this plastic is ending up in the ocean that in just a few years, we might end up with a pound of plastic for every three pounds of fish in the sea. “

I have been awake since 4 am thinking about plastic and how to write what my heart wants to write without sounding scared as fuck. I am thinking how do I write something that changes someone’s heart so that behavior changes too?

Have you ever heard someone who is really passionate about cannabis talk about the plant? Maybe that person is you. We refer to Her with reverence. We admire the fruit She gives us. We take pictures, throw parties, and heal because of Her.

Yet we destroy the very things that give her and us life.

A quick google search will lead you to pages of statistics that all say the same thing…we are at a critical point, but there is still time to change.

Creating change is doing nothing more than creating a habit (I discuss this on an upcoming episode of how I got healthy). Think about this…

  • What if the entire cannabis community created the habit of ensuring that our plastic doesn’t end up on the waterways?
  • What ripple effect could the collective habit of our community create?
  • What if you have the next brilliant idea on how to make the cannabis industry and ultimately all industries more sustainable?

Just like Phil and Bri, asking the right question can lead you to an amazing answer.

Asking a question is the first step, action is the next.

Starting today I take action!

I am all about accountability, so I am going to share with you my sustainable practices for 2020.

  • every number 5 container I get will be recycled with the High 5 Initiative
  • every event I host will have a collection box so that you have a place to bring tour number 5 containers
  • Host one clean up event in 2020
  • Have 4 environmentally- focused podcasts this year
  • Donate 100% of all profits from I’m Blunt to the High 5 Initiative.

I expect you guys to call my ass out of you see me doing otherwise.

Phil and I did a rough calculation of my household plastic waste last year. I cried as I realized threw away enough plastic to kill 16 whales.

I am not ok with this.

We are the people that understand the power of plant medicine, like the shamans of yesterday. We are the same people that need to protect that which heals us.

How you can help:

  • Get your #5 plastics cannabis containers to a participating collection center.
  • Donate to The High 5 Initiative. It takes community support for a nonprofit to succeed. I know all about this with Simple Sacrifice, our non- profit where we give love and lunches to Baltimore’s homeless and hungry.
  • Ask your local dispensary to become a collection center.
  • Spoil all your blunt-loving friends with some I’m Blunt gear!

The story behind I’m Blunt

On a late-night call with my friend Shelley, she jokingly said “if you had a T-shirt it would say I’m Blunt.” While laughing at how funny it was and smoking a blunt…that night an idea was born.

I wanted a cool T-shirt to wear for 420. Enter Phil. Outside of working on saving the environment, he is also a talented artist.  In a few weeks, I had the design in front of me, and I was speechless. Never in my life have I been more excited for a T-shirt. I made one T-shirt with the design on it and wore it to the High as Mike premiere hosted by Aaron Shepherd. At the end of the event, someone came up and asked me where they could buy my shirt. Kind of shocked that anyone would ask that (I’ve not always been able to wear the size clothing most people wear, my fashion wasn’t something that got compliments.) I didn’t have a response really and said “it’s a one of a kind” realizing now how douchey that sounds (sorry).

Every time I wore it out, someone would ask where they could get it, and I would say it’s a custom piece. One time someone dug deeper and asked me what I mean by custom piece. Which led to why don’t I sell them, and my honest answer is… I love this design and I don’t want to, again realizing how douchey this sounds now.

Fast forward 2 months and I am sitting across from Phil telling everyone where they can order their I’m Blunt gear.  What the fuck happened?? How did I change my mind so fast? Did I sell out? Nope!

I had a mindset shift about that piece of art after we did the calculation on my plastic waste and family’s impact on marine life, and I realized I loved my life on this planet more than having a custom price of art.

100% of all profit from the sales of l’m Blunt go directly to support The High 5 Initiative.

Click here to see all the I’m Blunt merch!

About the High 5 Initiative

Bri Thompson and Phil Ash have always been environmentalists and problem solvers.

The High 5 Initiative is a nonprofit created for and by humans who want to keep recyclable plastics out of our local landfills and waterways. They do this through cleanups and the collection of #5 plastics that are currently being rerouted from the blue bins.

The High 5 Initiative, Inc. is a locally based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to practicing, promoting, and enabling the conservation of nature through sustainable practices.

Click here to learn more about The High 5 Initiative

Click here to donate to The High 5 Initiative

Cannabis professionals interested in learning how to become a collection center click here to send an email to Phil.


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